Running Etiquette

When running with the group please following the guidelines below, out of courtesy to others and safety for yourself and others.

  • follow the Highway Code;
  • be aware of the traffic and obstacles around you: this means not covering 
your ears;
  • always take instructions from the group leader;
  • when running singly, run on the right to face oncoming traffic, except on 
bends with bad sight lines when you should run on the outside of the bend 
(cross well clear of the bend);
  • when running in a group run on the left with look-outs ahead and behind 
on the outside of bends with bad sight lines;
  • cross the road as a group, where possible don’t string out across the road;
  • particularly in the dark beware of holes, kerbs, bollards, roots and tarmac lifted by tree roots, and poorly levelled or slippery gratings and chamber 
  • warn fellow runners of hazards you perceive;
  • use footpaths at all times where possible;
  • be aware of pedestrians particularly when running up behind people: it can 
be scary when a group of heavy breathing individuals run up out of nowhere 
behind you;
  • leave enough space between you and the runner in front in case of a change 
of direction (including that caused by tripping!) or stopping for traffic;
  • if you are ahead of the group please ‘loop back’ for the runners behind you: this will ensure the group stays together and will ensure that everyone in the group is getting the best from their run;
  • if you decide to turn back early ensure the group leader is informed.