New to Running

1. How far do you run?
Most first timers are terrified that they’re going to be made to run a marathon as soon as they join the club. But many have been club members for years, with no desire to run a marathon. So please do not worry! You will not be out running for hours. Beginners are well looked after and you will only run as much as is comfortable for you. That may be a couple of hundred yards, or it may be as much as a mile (or more). It will depend upon you.

2. How fast do you run?
Another misconception about joining a running club is that it’s going to be full of elite marathon runners who charge along at 90 miles an hour. A very small percentage of our club members are fast, competitive runners. The vast majority is made up of people seeking to become/keep fit through running and then its your choice if want to take part in competitions. We would always encourage you to take part as that caters for all abilities as well but there will not be pressure to do so.

As there are so many club members, everyone is divided into groups of the same ability. The absolute beginners will run with other absolute beginners, those with a little more experience will run with those of the same speed, fast runners will run with other fast runners.

3. Will I hold everyone up?
Absolutely not. It is the club etiquette for the group to stick together. Those who are faster and end up pulling ahead must loop back and join the back of the group for a while. They will end up covering more ground and therefore getting the longer run that they’re capable of. Everyone then gets to run their own distance while staying part of the team. There is no chance of your holding anyone up.

4. What do I wear?
The only piece of equipment we recommend is a good pair of ‘running trainers’ to prevent the likelihood of injury. We have a list of shops that offer our members discounts and are tried and tested for their knowledge – please see Membership discounts. These stores also offer specialist dri-fit tops and other running clothing, and although not essential makes for a better run if you feel good and your clothing is not going to rub.

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or nappy cream is useful to protect sensitive parts. For ladies a good sports bra is essential.

In winter and for night time running wearing a reflective bib (Hi-Vis vest) is part of the conditions that you agree to when running with the club. These are available from Great Fit in Royston, and other sports retailers.

Club Kit – We have a range of club kit for sale. See the Kit section on the website for details of who is selling our kit and contact them to order. We aim to keep a good up to date range of club kit, but have to order in batches for economy.

Note: If you have entered into an event (other than a charity event) and have stated that you are a member of the Royston Runners you must wear the Royston Runners kit. Once your membership expires you are no longer entitled to run events in the Royston Runners Kit.

5. Hydration
You will lose fluid very quickly especially in hot weather. Carry a small bottle of water to minimise the risk of dehydration. Carry bottles are available from all good sports shops. If you know you are going on a long training run put water on the course beforehand. At organised events there are usually water stops on the route, see the organisers information when your race number arrives.

6. When should I stretch?
At the beginning of the run, just take it slowly; this will warm your muscles up ready to run. At the end of the run stretch exercises can (should) be done, as your muscles will be warm and loose.

7. Don’t run two days in a row for the first two months
Give your muscles and tendons a chance to adapt to running.

8. Run for time, not distance
Your running program should be designed to gradually increase the time you spend on your feet, rather than the miles.

9. Avoid drastic increases in time on your feet
If you ran a total of thirty minutes last week, don’t increase this by more than ten minutes the following week.

10. Enjoy your running!
It’s nice to be competitive, but not if the pressures are going to impact on your health and general life style. Avoid getting into the trap of entering a race every week, come what may, because this is the surest way of becoming injured.