Royston Runners Constitution

Title and Affiliation
1.The Club will be known as “Royston Runners”.
2.The Club and its Members will abide by all the Rules and Regulations of any particular Body or Organisation to which it becomes affiliated.

Objectives and Aims
3 The aims of the club will be: –
3.1 To encourage members of all abilities to enjoy and to have fun through running.
3.2 To promote the health and fitness of Members through running.
3.3 To promote competition in running.
3.4 To provide social activities for Members of the Club, their families and friends
3.5 To foster friendship through running
3.6 To encourage all Members to support the organisers of any sponsored event

4 The club will be run by a committee as follows
4.1 Chairman;
4.2 Secretary;
4.3 Treasurer; and
4.4 Not more than 8 ordinary committee members.
5 The committee will stand for one year and will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

6 The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held annually in October.

7 Any member of the club will be eligible to stand for election to the committee providing that they have been proposed and seconded by two other members of the club prior to the commencement of, or during the Annual General Meeting.

8 In the event of more than one member being nominated for the position of an Officer (Clauses 4.1 to 4.3 inclusive), the position will be decided by a ballot of those members present. Unsuccessful candidate(s) will automatically be put forward as a nominee(s) for a position as an ordinary committee member.

9 In the event that more than 8 members are nominated as ordinary committee members then a ballot will be held by those members present to select the successful candidates.
10 The Chairman of the Club shall have a casting vote at any meeting of the Club and/ or its committee.

11 The Quorum of any Committee meeting shall be one half; that is at least 6 Officers and/ or Ordinary Committee Members in attendance in order to validly transact business on behalf of the Club.

12 The Committee shall appoint Trustees to act on behalf of the club with regard to entering into any contractual agreements or leases as appropriate.
12.1 The Trustees will only act on minuted directions and instructions from the Committee.
12.2 The Club will indemnify the Trustees against all liabilities arising from any agreements they enter on behalf of the club including any claims from persons, third parties or members of the Club.
12.3 The Trustees will be covered under the Clubs personal liability insurance policy.
12.4  There should be a minimum of 2 and no more than 4 appointed Trustees
12.5 Trustees should be aged 18 years or over
12.6 Trustees can be appointed from within the membership of the club or outside of the club
12.7 A Deed of Appointment will be drawn up and signed by the Committee on behalf of the Club and by the Trustees

13 Membership of this club is confined to amateurs as defined by The Governing Body for Athletics.

14 Club membership is open to people of 9 years and above on payment of the “annual subscription”.
14.1 The amount of the subscription shall be agreed by the “outgoing” Committee.
14.2 The “Annual Subscription” will be due on the 1st April every year.
14.3 A member not renewing his or her annual subscription within one calendar month of the subscription being due will be excluded from participating in any inter-club league requiring the wearing of Club colours or in any event requiring membership to Royston Runners in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Governing Body for Athletics.

15 The Committee shall have the power to expel any Member whose actions are considered to be unconstitutional or conflict with the best interests of the Club.

16 The Club may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a ballot of all Members, providing that a two-thirds majority of those voting is obtained and that a resolution is put forward to the Committee by not less than one tenth of the Club Membership.

17 In the event of a dissolution any funds of the Club will be divided as equal shares for each year of continuous paid-up membership among the current members or given to a charity if the division among members is impractical.

18 All Club Members run at their own risk.
19 Royston Runners cannot be held responsible for any injuries howsoever caused.

Extra-ordinary General Meetings (EGM’s)
20 Either the Committee or at least 25% of the Club Membership may request the Secretary (Clause 4.2) to call an Extra-ordinary General Meeting” provided that the request is supported by a motion calling for such a Meeting. Upon receipt of a duly made motion the Secretary will give all Club Members at least two weeks written notice of arrangements for an EGM.