Wednesday night training sessions: lockdown homework!

  • 4th November 2020

If you were taking part in the Wednesday night coached sessions with Grant and wanted to continue on your progress through this month-long lockdown with a friend, then read on!

All workouts to include: at least 10 mins easy running warm-up, followed by 5 mins progressive effort and 3-5 x 5 second sprints, as well as 10 min minimum cool-down.

Workout 1 – 200 metre repeats alternating easy/hard (aiming for 7-8/10 rate of perceived exertion). Use the ‘one more rule’ to know how many to do (if you could do one more, but no more, then stop).

Workout 2 – 6 x 1 minute efforts (at 7-8 RPE) with diminishing recovery, 90/60/45/30/15 seconds.

Workout 3 – 15 min run divided into 5/4/3/2/1 min efforts. Starting at just faster than long run pace and increasing with every effort. Workout 4 – Lamppost speed play. 3 lampposts easy, 2 tempo (6-7 RPE), 1 hard (7-9 RPE).

All sessions are best done on quiet roads/paths (excluding w/u and c/d). Good examples are: Twigdens path, King James Way loop and Green Drift.

Happy running!