RR coronavirus announcement

  • 1st June 2020

The future is certainly looking brighter for our lovely running club but before we get the go ahead from England Athletics to resume club nights, we all need to continue to be mindful of government guidance.  We all know how exciting it has been to see other RRs on our lone wolf runs and then be able to run with one other person but as a committee we would like to stress the following guidelines for the safety of our club members, their families and the general public-

  1. The government guidelines stipulate that we can meet in groups of up to six, please stick to these numbers and socially distance as you run
  2. Please avoid meeting at the club where possible
  1. If you are running in a group of 6, please avoid running in Royston Town itself. The pavements are narrow and we don’t want to upset pedestrians by getting too close.  It’s probably quite tricky 2 meters apart in town anyway! We all love our off-road at this time of year, so that would probably be a better alternative at the minute-  more photo opportunities anyway! 😊
  2. Please try not to share runs for members to join on Facebook in case we end up with too many meeting for a run.  However, if you are looking somebody to run with, do post on the page and then members can contact you directly
  3. Virtual Runs will continue so please continue to share your photos 😊

Hopefully, we will soon be enjoying our club nights again but in the mean time stay safe everyone.

With best wishes

Your Committee