Royston Runner’s Auction

  • 22nd July 2016

This is a closed bid auction to win a Fighting Fit Voucher for 10 sessions worth £60.
There are 2 separate vouchers and therefore the 2 highest bids will win.

All proceeds will be in memory of Evan.
We would like to thank Aussie Dave from Fighting Fit for the generous donation.

The sessions can be for 10 Fighting Fit sessions or visits to the gym or a mixture of both.
The holder must contact Aussie Dave prior to use to arrange a gym induction.
The cards are valid for 6 months from 16th August.

To bid please complete the auction form below by no later than midnight Thursday 11th August 2016.

Forms will be sent to Nicola and Robin who will announce progress updates.
The winners will be contacted by Friday 12th August and will need to pay the bid price by Tuesday 16th August.
We will announce the winners at the 10k run in that evening.

Many thanks and happy bidding.

(Bid price is for one ticket. If you wish to bid for both then please place separate bids)

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