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  • 29th February 2016

Wednesday 19th April at Chequers in Royston (7pm)

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Baked CamembertChicken goujonsBruschetta Classico (V)

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Spaghetti BologneseLasagna Bolognese Al FornoSpaghetti CarbonaraRavioli Di Portobello E Mozarella (V)Pizzza Marghertia (V)Pizza PepperoniPizza Quarto Stagione (V)

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Chocolate BrownieTiramisuIce Cream



Baked Camembert (served with red onion & fig marmalade served with toasted ciabatta)

Chicken goujons (with a garlic mayo dip)

Bruschetta Classico V (fresh ripe tomatoes, basil leaves and extra virgin olive oil on garlicky Italian bread)


Spaghetti Bolognese (classic Italian style minced meat served with spaghetti)

Lasagna Bolognese Al Forno (oven baked and layered with authentic bolognese meat sauce, alfredo, ricotta and mozzarella)

Spaghetti Carbonara (spaghetti, pancetta, onions, cream and egg served with parmesan shavings)

Ravioli Di Portobello E Mozarella V (portobello ravioli with mushrooms, parmigiano i reggiano and thyme in a creamy sauce)

Pizzza Marghertia V (classic cheese and tomato)

Pizza Pepperoni (hot and spicy pepperoni)

Pizza Quarto Stagione V (artichokes, peppers, mushrooms and asparagus)

Payment (£9.95) by Cheque to Royston Runners on a First Come First Served basis.

Please pay the Social Committee by Tuesday 11th April.

We are unfortunately unable to refund money once paid, unless we can cover the costs.