Long Short Relay results

  • 14th October 2015

We hope you all had a great day and enjoyed the Long short relay as much as we did the results are…

G Force-Graham Hill 4h-09m-34s Male
Vets are Us-Vince Long 4h-25m-12s Male
Grants Horny Rhino’s 4h-57m-54s Mixed
Pacemakers Paul Martin 5h-11m-47s Mixed
Crouching Runners Isabel Marriage 5h-16m-22s Mixed
Dads Army Glenn Miller 5h-36m-09s Male
Team Crapt Robin Wells 5h-41m-26s Mixed
Team Lola Cheryl Boswell 5h-58m-12s Mixed
Six and a Bit Kim Monti 6h-24m-06s  Mixed
If we can Anyone Can Maureen Miller 7h-30m-37s Female
Well done to all the teams, support cyclists and drivers