When and where to meet

The club currently meets for training once a week on a Tuesday evening, in all weathers except if it coincides with a Club race or event. See our calendar/ training programme for details.

Our training includes beginners runs, speed work, club runs and long runs. Our leaders/coaches will lead the running group ensuring that all members of the group are running comfortably and the group is kept together – our runners never run alone.

Check Running Groups so you can be allocated the most suitable group for your ability. Click here to see where each group currently meet on Tuesday evenings.

During the summer months, our training sessions take place along quiet country lanes and off-road trails and footpaths.

In the winter, the evening sessions centre on the well-lit streets of Royston returning to the surrounding countryside at weekends.

Come along on a Tuesday night at 6:30 and someone will find a group for you to run with that will be suitable. Try us for a few weeks and if you are happy then join.