Long Short Relay

9 October 2016 8:00 am

The Heath Sports Centre

This is a long standing club event held every year and named after one of RR founder members Clive Long (Vince’s Dad).


It is run in male, female or mixed teams of 5 over various distances around the local villages and country lanes starting and finishing at the Heath.


It is a brilliant event open to all abilities. If you have not done it before just ask me or any of your fellow runners as there will be someone who has done it before.


Please note this is not a public event and is only open to club members


2015 Results:


G Force-Graham Hill 4h-09m-34s Male
Vets are Us-Vince Long 4h-25m-12s Male
Grants Horny Rhino’s 4h-57m-54s Mixed
Pacemakers Paul Martin 5h-11m-47s Mixed
Crouching Runners Isabel Marriage 5h-16m-22s Mixed
Dads Army Glenn Miller 5h-36m-09s Male
Team Crapt Robin Wells 5h-41m-26s Mixed
Team Lola Cheryl Boswell 5h-58m-12s Mixed
Six and a Bit Kim Monti 6h-24m-06s  Mixed
If we can Anyone Can Maureen Miller 7h-30m-37s Female