Virtual Cake Auction

  • 19th November 2020

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Normally at the end of November, in celebration of the club’s ‘birthday’, we would hold a 10K birthday run followed by cake auction for charity. This year, it won’t be possible to hold the group run but we’ve decided to still hold a virtual cake auction in aid of our chosen charity, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance!

Please access this link which will take you to a Google Sheets listing of all available bakes (opens in any Internet browser; you do not need a Google account). We have included descriptions, a few photos if available and a suggested starting bid amount.

Scroll down the list to see all bakes available, and if one sparks your interest and you’d like to bid for it, please enter your bid in the yellow cell (example: £10) and your name in the green cell (example: Paul Hollywood). We have included starting bids for each cake as a guide, a minimum of £5 per cake.

If the yellow cell is blank, you are the first bidder and can decide how much you will start the bidding at.
If the cell already has a bid amount & bidder name, simply overwrite it with your higher bid. Ensure you enter your name in the next column (green coloured).

Here’s an example of how it should look:

First bid: 



Second bid overwriting the first:



Might sound obvious, but please only overwrite the existing bid with a higher value.
Bidding increments are up to you, but we’d suggest increasing by at least £1 or more – it is for charity after all!

If someone outbids you, you won’t be automatically notified – you’ll have to come back and check/refresh the page from time to time to ‘stay in the game’.

Please do take a look if you can towards the end of the auction on Sunday evening, as there could still be some delicious cakes to snap up at the last minute!

After the auction ends on Sunday at 7pm, no more bids can be made.

The Social Committee will contact all successful bidders to confirm the details and you will then be able to pay your pledged amount via the Royston Runners website. Proceeds will all go to our chosen charity, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance, and we really appreciate the generosity of all bakers and bidders.

You don’t actually need to pay anything when you are bidding (for the obvious reason that you might not be successful!)

You will be given the contact details of the bakers to arrange cake collection.

For those of you who signed up for a Lucky Dip, you don’t need to bid (unless you want to bid as well as having a Lucky Dip – no one’s judging!) will also be contacted after the event to arrange collection of your cake.

We’d love you to share photos of you enjoying the bakes that we can use on club social media or to share with the charity!

If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please email social(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or comment in the Facebook event; we’ll keep an eye and will do our best to help you.