FVS 3k relay

  • 25th June 2019

Event Details

We suggest a 6:15pm meet at the Heath for people who want to lift share. We will be at the school, to organise teams, from 6.45pm.

The Spartans will be hosting the 3K Relays incorporating the Hertfordshire AARC Senior and Veteran Championships. If you enjoy the mid-week league road races and our club 3km relays you might be interested in taking part. It’s a great team event and a really enjoyable night. If you were able to run one of the MWL’s you will be fine to take part.
Men – 5x3000m
Women – 3x3000m
Mixed 2men & 2 women
3k Race starts at 7.30pm
If you are interested in taking part it would be really helpful if you could organise your teams beforehand and let me or Grant know. Teams of 5 for the men and 3 for women and 4 for a mixed team. If you want to be entered for the Herts Championships then you need to have been born or currently live in Hertfordshire. Mixed teams cannot be entered in the champs. Vets teams please note it is over 40 for the men and over 35 for the women.
If you can’t get a team together but would like to take part then please let us know and we can help sort teams out. Teams can be put together on the night but we can’t leave it too late to enter.